Signs a Female is Cheating

Young woman and man in park, selective focusDo women cheat on their spouses? Yes they do, nearly as much as men, they just tend to be a little more discreet about it. (Sometimes not even her best friend has a clue.) If you have a feeling that she is stepping out on you the following are some signs of a cheating wife or girlfriend.

1. Grooming/Appearance – She suddenly seems overly concerned with her appearance and has changed her hairstyle or the way she dresses. (This is a tricky because women do change hairstyles frequently and fashions changes constantly) But if she happens to be dressing younger and sexier or suddenly wears full make-up when running out to the grocery store – keep an eye out.

2. Accommodating Nature – She has become very accommodating about the time you spend with your buddies hunting, fishing or the guy’s poker night to the point of pushing you to participate in these activities. Whereas before she complained every time you mentioned doing something with the guys and not spending time with her.

3. Gets Defensive – If she gets defensive over little things like you asking how her day was or she seems excessively edgy. She may say you are being too controlling or too nosy about her business. If she has a guilty conscience this could be seen as you investigating her.

4. Mystery Girlfriends – New friends are always good unless of course she is vague about them or hesitates to introduce you to them. If they go on shopping sprees and she comes home with nothing to show for a day of shopping except a silly grin, it might be time to look closer at the new friend.

5. Over-Explanations – Revealing too much about outings with her girlfriends is another indicator. Who all went, who ate what, and who said what. If it is something that she has not normally told you about, you might want to think about the information she is feeding you.

6. Sexual Habits – All of a sudden she wants to try things the two of you have never tried nor talked about trying. If she has always been the instigator of sex in your relationship and all of a sudden you have to be the one to initiate intimacy this could raise a red flag. The amount of sex changes from say 4 times a week, to if you are lucky once a month, could also mean that she is busy elsewhere.

7. Hides Phone or Email – If she is secretive about her phone, keeps the ringer and text alert off (and leaves it hidden in her purse and hides her purse) pay attention. Also, if she never checks email in front of you or if she suddenly stays up late online doing “work” perhaps she chatting and emailing with her lover. This sign of woman infidelity is a big red flag.

8. Insulting You – Has being mean to you in public become her favorite past time? Making fun of you or saying hurtful things that go well beyond the” I am just kidding” phase. She could have someone else waiting in the wings and just trying to get you to be the one to walk away.

9. Tests The Waters – Telling you about another couple where he caught her cheating and how he reacted. Then asking what you would do in a case like that, she might be testing the waters to your reaction where an unfaithful cheating wife is concerned.

10. Changes Plans – In the past she has always been committed to adhering to plans made with friends and family but all of a sudden she will change plans in an instance if something else comes up. A woman will try to spend as much time with a paramour at the cost of any other prior plans.

11. Unusual Scents – The smell of aftershave or a man’s cologne can be a sign of infidelity. It can also cling to her from a harmless hug between friends. If the odor has the unmistakable undertones of after sex musky male scent then there is cause for pause in this instance.

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