Computer Monitoring

How To Catch Your Spouse Cheating On The Computer

A spouse’s internet behavior is a good indication of what’s really going on in his or her life — whether it’s talking to a lover through email, searching for hotel information or rendezvous directions, making purchases online or even browsing popular affair or friend-finder websites. Cheating spouses are likely to set up secret email addresses, perhaps even a secret Paypal account – and if they are good at covering their tracks, you’ll never know a thing.

Finding out everything your spouse is doing online is actually extremely easy.

Computer Monitoring Device

spycobraSpy Cobra Deluxe is a small device that can covertly record computer activity without having to leave hardware behind. Simply plug the device into a USB drive and install in under 15 seconds. Spy Cobra logs all keystrokes, takes screenshots then hides and encrypts the data so it won’t be discovered. Once you’re ready, simply plug the device back in and retrieve the info. You can even view the data on another PC or have the recorded info emailed to you so you can access it remotely. Unlike traditional keyloggers that need to be left in place (difficult to monitor laptops), with the Spy Cobra Deluxe you’re in and out undetected.

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