How To Catch Your Spouse Cheating On The Computer

A spouse’s internet behavior is a good indication of what’s really going on in his or her life — whether it’s talking to a lover through email or instant messaging, searching for hotel information or rendezvous directions, making purchases online or even browsing popular affair or friend-finder websites. Cheating spouses are likely to set up secret email addresses, perhaps even a secret Paypal account – and if they are good at covering their tracks, you’ll never know a thing.

Finding out everything your spouse is doing online is actually extremely easy. You have a few simple options:

  1. Computer Monitoring Software – this undetectable computer spy software records ALL activity on the monitored pc – emails, instant messages, websites, keystrokes – data is sent to a private account that you can view anywhere.
  2. Remote Computer Monitoring Software – no access to the computer? This software type can be installed remotely.
  3. Key logger – a tiny hardware device that attaches to the computer to capture and record all keystrokes. (new! plug & remove – no hardware left behind!)

Computer Monitoring Software

WebWatcher is the best computer monitoring and filtering software available. It allows you to monitor the activity completely from the web — no need to keep accessing the monitored computer. It records emails, instant messages, websites, keystrokes, takes screenshots and even allows you to place filters. It is completely invisible and undetectable. It’s also the only software offering the ability to monitor multiple computers without buying additional licenses. Monitor the home pc and a laptop and cover all your bases.

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Keylogger Hardware Devices

Stealth iBot Computer Spy
is a small device that can covertly record computer activity without the need to install key logger spy software programs or attach hardware. Simply plug the device into a USB drive for 5 seconds to release tracking bots, remove and walk away. The bots then get to work, capturing and recording all activity including websites visited, passwords, keystrokes, and instant messages. Once you’re ready, simply plug the device back in and retrieve the info. You can even view the data on another PC.  Unlike traditional keyloggers that need to be left in place (difficult to monitor laptops), with the Stealth iBot you’re in and out undetected.

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